Saturday, March 17, 2018

Might & Reason Malburian game played and a Grand Slam !!!

Le Duc arrived today for a game using Might &; Reason rules as he wanted to try them out.
I picked Malburian period to use my 10mm stuff selecting a French versus Imperial matchup using the points system.
French had an Average commander and Imperial a Good leader.
I laid out terrain during week and Le Duc selected the French and we simply deployed 12" onto the table and then had at it.
Great game with lots of the simple subtleties of the rules coming through.
One needs to manage Command Dice over the course of a Turn and to manouevre units to advantageous positions before committing them otherwise Inconclusive outcomes are the norm.
I had a force of Dutch troops assisting the Imperial Austrians and the get extra dice to roll Musketry phase to simulate Platoon firing system but not once did I manage any sort of devastating volley whilst the bog standard French opposing them rolled multiple hits !
Both our flanks seemed to implode at same time but my Dutch took losses and therefore I was rolling for failed Army Morale from 4th turn and at end of 5th my Army succumbed.
Great stuff with an ever excellent rule set.
Maybe not as dramatic as Field of Battle but has nice feel of linear warfare.

French right wing

Austrian right

Ill fated Dutch in centre

Central Austrian Forces

Cavalry slog on Austrian right

And Dutch getting hammered in centre

Mounted action in narrow space on Imperial left

Austrian foot redeploys in columns to plug gap as Dutch disintegrate

Austrian Cuirassier in the ascendeny on right

Action continues in center

Austrian force on left under pressure from Garde Francais

Austrian horse on left near to defeat

Overall view of the lines of battle

Austrian right dominate hill

French push forward in centre

And the GRAND SLAM is Irelands !!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

General D'Armee scenario played

Another game at Stephens using General D'Armee rules this time adapting a Gen De Brigade scenario from battle of Bautzen 'Frequmounts Attack'.
This pits French Division attacking a Prussian Division in 1813.
OOB varied to fit with GDA.
A good game again with these rules although we still found artillery using the Artillery Assault order to be very potent.
We have decided in our games to make use of this order cost 3 ADCs instead of the standard 2 to cut down on the frequency of its use especially when a Brigade of Artillery is present.
This worked quite well especially once battle was joined as just so many other things to do with limited ADCs.
My dice rolling in this game was amongst the worst I have ever suffered (and that is saying something !!!!!)
French routed a Prussian unit (via tremendous Skirmishing rolls and of course Artillery) which forces a Brigade to falter.
I then 3 turns in a row allocated the required ADC backed up by a second ADC to re-roll any failure and managed to roll 6 ones or twos seeing the Brigades 5 other units flee the field !!!
Meanwhile I charged an isolated French battery with Dragoons and thought woo hoo when the guns only inflicted a single casualty in defensive fire.................however in the charging sequence the guns rolled a reasonable 2d6 result of 8 whilst my Dragoons managed a minimum double 1 !!! this saw them Retreat with and additional 3 Hits.....unreal !!
Even my Artillery was poor after an initial decent roll.
The French (well actually a Wuttermburg unit) took possession of the key town area and even whilst Unformed while forming Garrison formation I managed to fail with two separate charges by two fresh units.........
Of course the 'dice demon' suffered no such horrors maintaining his usual ratio of both high and timely rolls including 4 double 6s when firing with Skirmishers resulting in not only 2 hits but Discipline Tests on my Skirmishers !!

Lady luck may be fickle but she is also a bitch and anyhow ALL DICE HATE ME..................

Maneouvre a nice little board game

Acquired Maneouvre by GMT games and gave it an outing at my Dads.
It is an abstract war-themed game but by gad its fun !
A fast play card driven game with nominally Napoleonic flavour.
There are 8 nations to chose from France, Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Spain, Ottoman Turk and USA (last 2 not tried).
Each nation has 8 units a mix of Cavalry and Infantry types (Artillery is done via cards) and each has their own unique 60 card deck.
Game is played on a 8x8 square grid made up from 4 tiles (out of 36 ? tiles) with various terrain types thereon.
Decks vary in types of card, with Leader cards and HQ (ie special action) cards plus 5 cards per unit which have varied combat, shooting and defence strengths.
Leaders have various rolls they can perform, add to Combat, Rally, some have special abilities and most can very usefully allow units to support attacks.
Units fight using either single or double versions of D6, D8 or D10 dice.
Combat is resolved by totaling defence vs attack and the ratio determines if hits and/or retreats (and who gets to choose) or outright destruction.
Some units have Volley ability and Artillery.
Units are rated strength 5-8 with a reduced rear side.
Infantry move 1 square and cavalry 2 with no diagonal moves or interactions.
Cavalry can pursue retreating units
One wins or loses by destroying 5 enemy units or achieving a territorial victory upon nightfall (when both decks exhausted).
As per above you can see its indeed abstract and simple but it is not simplistic and with the varied nations types and decks and their inherent strengths and weaknesses it means their are various tactics and strategies one can perform/attempt.
Games take about an hour and so its easy to play multiple encounters of an evening.

I got so engrossed I forgot to take more than 1 pic

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

General D'Armee game played French vs British

Game at Stephens using General D'Armee rules.
Stephen used his Peninsula British and I fielded a French opponent.

We used points system at 2000pts although turns out Brigadiers are now costed (in update) so both were foelding 2300pts
We had 4 Brigades each being 3 Infantry and 1 Cavalry and both had 2 Batteries of guns so fairly similar (British had 15 units French 16).

Stephen had set up the terrain beforehand to save time.

Been a while since we used GDA but both found it was a fast playing game with good period flavour and we had only a few queries that were easily resolved.
It has a fairly arbitrary Command System (not unlike Black Powder in some ways) with Brigades being Hesitant on 1-1 on a D6 although one can get re-rolls by use of ADCs.
The availability of ADCs is however also arbitrary (ie dice dependent) but it all works overall.
Whilst no strict orders system as in Gen De Brigade/Over The Hills/Principles of War the Line Of Battle and Re-Deployment rules effectively make 'on the fly' maneuvering pretty much impossible anyhow.

I of course prefer some level of chaos/inertia in my games and feel the rules do generate a nice narrative (not as dramatic as FOB but close).
Like Black Powder the Brigade Morale rules can be brutal as a single Routed/Destroyed unit (or 2 Retreated units) forces a Brigade to Falter.
And as I found today even the loss of a Skirmish unit can cause the Falter.
We both had several extreme dice rolls (12 on 2D6) though of course balance feel in favour of the dice demon.
This saw a British Brigadier cut in two and a British Artillery Battery cause crippling causalities to a Veteran French column.
My poor dice seemed to be reserved for generation of ADCs (or more accurately lack of) and then seeing several Brigades become Hesitant !

But a fun game overall with a slick rule set although I still think Artillery needs limited as it could dominate a game at this level if Batteries too numerous..

French centre

French right

Wellington loves his central hill locations

British right

French advance on right

French Conscripts advance on left

And central Brigade moves forward

Skirmishing battle on right

Later on right with French assault repulsed

French Cavalry reserve unleashed (eventually) and then stuck Hesitant !

Central French Brigade has been Demoralised with remnants forced back

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Field Of Glory II PC game and a couple of other purchases

Made a couple of purchases on Ebay and a downloaded PC wargame (been ages since I looked at PC games)

First up 3 sets of miniatures rules.
I had always heard good things about Corps d'Armee so was glad to see this available the other two I know nothing about but when has that ever stopped me !

PC game purchase (via Steam) is Field Of Glory II from Slitherine/Matrix
It is a port of the miniatures (although I think 1st version was a more direct port) rule set but with some tweaks for the PC environment.
It has a nice manual (PDF version sadly) but if you have played the miniatures game then its pretty intuitive.
I have only played initial tutorial and set up a 'luck dip' type custom game but quite impressed with this, good solid game play with a host of scenarios and campaigns and of course the custom battles and it sports 2-player/Pbem mode (not tried this).
The animations and battlefields are very nicely done with lots of viewing options including a top down view.
The interface is easy to use and seems to run on fairly low spec.

Here a couple of screenshots from ongoing Gallic vs Roman game showing a couple of the views available.

Seasons of Battle/Field of Battle solo Napoleonic Campaign ends...................

Managed to finish of the third battle of my Seasons of Battle campaign today.

French succumbed after a hard fought action.
Prussians pressed forward resolutely and relentlessly.
French firing was poor must have been damp powder supplied !?
The Prussian Cavalry on their left destroyed their counterparts in short order and this led to the rest of French Corps retiring.
French losses mounted and as in previous battles their morale collapsed (ie all morale chips expended) and they yielded the field.

Another enjoyable outing with SOB and FOB in solo mode.

Routing French on their left wing but they did rally

Central hill defended 

Young Guard come out to play but unable to stem the flow Note remnants of French cavalry wing on right

Overview of end with French withdrawing

First Morale Card had French rolling their General 12+1 dice (Blue) versus the standard D12 (Red) and this occurred ! as French needed to beat the score it was defeat.............